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        LED lights with how to identify quality
        release time:2013-06-16               Source of information:House               publisher:admin

        LED lights with how to identify quality

        ED lights with market varies greatly, regular factory and cottage industries product prices vary greatly. If you come from a professional to identify the quality of LED lights, I am afraid many of our clients do not have this capability. But we can simply look up from the initial identification, which can be good or bad quality of the separation.

        Mainly from the following aspects to identify:

        1, see the solder joints. Regular LED lights with manufacturers to produce LED lights is the use of SMT chip technology, solder paste and reflow production. Therefore, LED lights bring the amount of solder joints is smooth and no more, solder pads of an arc from the FPC to the LED electrodes extend.

        2, see FPC quality. FPC of two kinds of copper and rolled copper, copper clad copper foil is protruding, look it from the junction of the FPC pads look out. And rolled copper is close and FPC as a single entity, and can be bent and will not appear pad off phenomenon. Bonded Copper pad will appear if bent too much off, when the temperature is too high maintenance can also cause pad off.

        3, see LED lamp with surface cleanliness. SMT technology and production of LED lights, its surface cleanliness is very good, do not see any impurities and stains. Using hand welding process produces cottage version of LED lights, no matter how clean the surface, there will be residual traces of stains and cleaning.

        4, look at the packaging. Regular LED lights will use anti-static packaging paper trays, 5 m or 10 m roll roll, outside of the package and then using anti-static moisture-proof bag sealed. Cottage version of the LED lamp with recycled paper trays, no anti-static moisture-proof bags, paper trays look carefully can see appearance of a clear label traces and scratches.

        5, look at the label. Regular LED lights with bags and roll material above the disk will have a printed label, instead of printing labels.

        6, see annex. Regular LED lights inside of the box will be attached instructions and lights with specifications, while also equipped with LED lights with connectors or deck; while the cottage version of the LED lights inside the box there is no such attachment because Some manufacturers, after all, could save the province.

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